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With the old year leaving and the new year coming soon have you set any 2017 resolutions ? A realistic goal/resolution is to take up learning a musical instrument ! It is fun, educational, good for your body, soul and mind and quite affordable. Playing a musical instrument can also drop your stress level. What musical instrument should you pick up in 2017 ?

Well that is an easy answer : just listen to some of your favorite songs and choose the musical instrument in the song that you like the best. Is it the beat/drums ? is it the strumming gtr in the background or the singer belting out the words ? So choose your instrument and contact a local music teacher to get you going with your weekly music lessons. I recommend a mobile music teacher to your home as you will feel comfortable and relaxed for learning and not be stressed out trying to drive to your music lessons. Happy 2017 MUSICAL new year to you ! Rock and roll

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