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Scales, arpeggios, music theory & songs, these are the regular things that most music students experience on a weekly basis at their music lesson. These are all great things to practice but do not forget to start doing some song writing/compositions to really put all your musical skills to work. If you cannot write a song on your own please ask your Guitar Lessons Kamloops music teacher Mark to educate you in song construction. Mark will educate you that a song has an intro, verses, bridge, choruses and ending. Also your music theory that you have learned will now become practical because you will have to start using key and time signatures, chord progressions, musical dynamics and scales to build solos and melody lines in your song compositions.

Not only does song writing exercise all the above, but it is also VERY FUN ! and satisfying to create songs. And who knows, you might luck out and write a real catchy song that you can sell to a pro recording artist and you will be rich and on easy street ! Of course we do not write songs just to make money but we do it to use our musical skills we have learned and writing songs will also make sense of all the music theory that your music teacher has been teaching you over the years. So keep up with your scales, arpeggios and music theory but now add in some song writing. You will have fun and you will be glad that you did. Also if you are a technical person you may want to venture into recording your songs with microphones and computer recording software etc… Enjoy your music and ask Mark Mikuse to teach you how to write a song soon !

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