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I am so thankful that I can teach guitar, piano, bass, drums and sing along vocals with my music students. From an early age I went through guitar lessons and then branched out to bass, piano and drum lessons throughout my teenage high school years. All my years of certified music lessons and playing in local Kamloops rock bands has made me into a diverse music teacher which is now more importantly helping all my current music students. Music teachers that are certified to teach more than one musical instrument can greatly benefit the music student by having children of the same home (brothers and sisters) learn piano, drum, guitar separately and then later on be brought together to play music together as a family band! I have many brothers and sisters that play guitar, piano and drums together and rehearse favorite songs and then perform their songs at my local Guitar Lesson Kamloops recital concerts.

Of course with one child learning a musical instrument is absolutely wonderful, but when a family can get 2 or more of their children together to play music it is very fun and it is another great way for family bonding. Let us not forget mom and dad, as Mark Mikuse can also teach parents a musical instrument so that you can play music along with your children. Also having Mark Mikuse as your Kamloops music teacher will save you time and money as you will not need to have 2 or more music teachers to your home per week as Mark will give you an affordable family package deal for all your same day back to back music lessons and you will only have to dedicate one day per week for your music lessons as opposed to having 2 days and2 times and 2 teachers per week. I hope to see you soon so I may teach your whole family music lessons and help you form your family band !

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