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Do you live in Kamloops ? Do you want to start piano lessons with Mark Mikuse ? If so you will need to purchase a piano keyboard. How to know if a digital keyboard or acoustic piano is a better fit for you ? If you do not mind having to get your acoustic piano tuned one time per year for approx. $200.00 and if you have the space in your home an acoustic piano is a good fit for you. Also the natural weighted keys on the acoustic piano are great to have in case you or your children want to do RCM piano exams. The RCM piano exams required weighted keys. Also acoustic pianos make a lovely furniture piece and now days you can usually get an acoustic piano for free donation due to people getting rid of them because of their bulky size. However you will have to pay 2-300.00 $ to get it delivered to your home and the free piano may need some repairs done which your piano tuner will address. Probably better to take the piano tuner to the piano to get his/her evaluation on the condition of the piano before you pay to get it hauled to your home. If the repairs are too costly $ just move on to another free acoustic piano in good shape because there are allot of them out there. Acoustic pianos weigh approx. 1-2000 pounds !

If all the above seems too tiresome and unpractical then the digital keyboard piano is your best option. Plan to spend approx 2-300.00$ for a weighted key digital keyboard. You can purchase a Yamaha or Casio digital keyboard piano at London Drugs, Costco, or Best Buy. Avoid music stores as they are overpriced and also avoid Craigslist & Kijijji due to faulty keys and electronics thus the reason the person is selling the keyboard hoping you will not notice the defects. Costco has a wonderful return policy and affordable prices for digital piano keyboards. The digital keyboards usually come with a sustain pedal but if not one can be purchased as an extra for approx. $30.00 . Best of all the digital keyboard piano NEVER needs tuning which saves you approx. $200.00 per year in tuning fees and the keyboard is also light enough to move around your home by yourself if need be. Happy piano playing and piano lessons to you !

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